" Music   Is   What   Feelings   Sound   Like ...          Believe  In  Yourself!


Make your dreams come true...

                                       No matter the age or level of experience, now is the time...

                                                                        Seek out and develop the artist in you!


? Have you ever been told you can't sing, but want to anyway?

? Ever wished you could play the guitar or piano?

? Well you can...


There is so much more to gain from singing or playing a musical instrument than learning music notes or being technically correct, though knowing how your instrument functions, whether human or man made and applying music theory is very valuable; it is important to realize that music is a gift that enriches the performer as well as the listener. It can be experienced privately or shared with others. No matter the level of learning, it inspires, delights, calms the soul, increases confidence and can bring healing to both physical and emotional wounds.

Many of us wish we were more creative. But, we find our lives so busy that we don't allow ourselves the time to unleash the artist within. That's our excuse, anyway!  We might think we're not good enough and compare ourselves to others and usually it is with the one person that is better. Fear can be  the culprit when this happens. Fear of not "meeting the mark," making embarrassing mistakes while performing in front of a crowd, or we simply let those few negative comments keep us from continuing with our musical journey.

Creativity is play time for the artist! It's a wonderful and healthy way to express what is in our heart, mind, and in the depths of our soul. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity wonderful things will happen. So, be prepared!

How early should we begin our musical journey? As early as possible. Children learn things so quickly and freely, like little sponges of life! But, if we did not have that privilege while growing up, it is never too late to tap into our talents.


See you soon!

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