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Sing With Passion! is here to help you realize your dreams by providing you or your child not only with voice lessons but also with instruction on the guitar and piano. When you can play a musical instrument and sing, that combination is a great bonus, allowing more freedom to express one's self through music, as well as being beneficial in the music industry. Contact us with questions about our guitar and piano lessons.

♪ Beginner Guitar
With our guitar lessons, you will learn about the guitar itself, basic chords and how to read music while performing your favorite songs. An added bonus is guidance in song writing.

♪ Beginner
The piano is one of the most important instruments to learn because it provides a solid musical foundation. During piano lessons, we teach how to read music, play basic chords and perform your favorite songs.

In addition to learning guitar and piano you have the option to combine singing while playing in the same lesson.

Above all you will have fun expressing yourself through music, whether you want to sound better by the camp fire or become the next American Idol! 

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