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Sing With Passion! specializes in providing private voice lessons as well as beginner piano and guitar lessons, available for children and adults of all ages. Contact us for more information.

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Learn from the best when you choose our vocal coach, Peggy Neff, who has been singing professionally for over 20 years. Voice lessons are offered for beginners and professionals of all ages.

Styles of Music We Commonly Teach

 Pop | Country | Rhythm and Blues | Musical Theatre | Contemporary Christian 

About Our Lessons
Each voice lesson is offered in person or by phone for 30 minutes, 1 hour or more and can be tailored for the individual or a group. For your convenience, voice lessons in your home or at your location can be comfortable and most productive. Personal guidance during studio work is a specialty. Before signing up for voice lessons, a brief phone consultation will clarify the musical aspirations and goals.



Stage presence and connection with the audience are important to being a great musician or singer. In addition, learning how to perform and become comfortable in front of people is something that can help in many avenues of one's life. You will learn to be at ease with body movements in front of an audience and song interpretation, as well as develop your own personal style and sound. In other words, you will discover the wonderful artist in you!

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